Vanity Episode 9

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Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: What? What sort of unprofessional ethics could this act be placed under?

Lawyer Ayibontey: Are you trying to show your incompetence to me so openly? Ain’t you suppose to check on people who are locked up in your cell every morning? Do you just come to sit in your office always and throw orders around to your junior officers.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: No sir, I do check on people in the cell always and I ask the new ones what brought them here and for the old ones in the cell also I interact with them to know the progress of their case in the law court, it was only today that I wasn’t been able to do so because am overseeing a very big narcotics case in the heart of the city but my Station Officer goes into the cells every morning to also interact with the new inmates but you to clear all doubts here, let me invite him in so we all listen to what he has to say on this case.

(He picks the telephone and summones the station master into his office and in a twinkle of an eye there is a knock on the door)

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Yes come in.

Station Officer: (stands to salute his superior before saying) Good afternoon sir, you called me sir?

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Yes Chief Inspector Ashong, tell me what information do you have for me on the new people who were locked up yesternite?

Station Officer: Mmmmm sir yesternite three(3) people were brought in, two (2) guys and one (1) lady but the guys have been bailed this morning, for the lady I instructed Dectective Corporal Kwaku-Duah to take her statement since I learnt the case was a very serious case involving in a life and death matter.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: And has he done what you ordered him to do? You just don’t give orders and sit down unconcerned and waiting for feedback in the comfort of your office always, sometimes you must make follow-ups. Am not happy with your performance recently and where is that Corporal Kwaku-Duah?

Station Officer: I asked about him when coming here and I was told he had left to the hospital the victim that was injured is. Am to believe he is on his way back to the station by now.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Can you imagine how unprofessional some of you discharge your duties, instead of taking the statement of the person in your custody first you leave to the one who has been hospitalised. Aaaaaaaah!!!! Give me his contact number

Station Officer: 0202029435.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: (dials the number on his telephone) My friend where the hell are you? Wherever and whatever you are doing put a stop to it and report in my office ASAP and drops the call immediately. Now to you Chief Inspector Ashong I want a written statement of the young lady in the female cell in the next 30minutes if not some names will be finding its way on my transfer list. You have been dismissed for now.

Station Officer: Yes sir

Lawyer Ayibontey: So is this how your men discharge their duties? I need to speak with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Interior Minsiter so this issue of insubordination and gross misconduct is dealt with in the police service, it’s a growing cancer that has to be cured for good. This is a total shame and a highly unprofessional conduct, I rest my case for now, he will come and meet here today, I will show him that I was part of the legal team that drafted the constitution of mother Ghana and amended it later. My dear the way I am boiling up I need a glass of chilled beer to quench my anger, let’s move outside to catch some fresh air and for U commander, brace yourself very well for me!!!!

Esi Haizel: Okay uncle after you please.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: But sir I have beer in my fridge here, if you don’t mind let me serve you with one or two bottles, it’s very chilled.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Shhhhhhh you think you can persuade my anger with your one or two bottles? My friend behave yourself over there.

Esi Haizel: Uncle please come down so we go out to get your bottles of beer( they took a stroll to the canteen at the police station and when they got there, this is what happened)

Lawyer Ayibontey: My dear how did you see my performance back there?

Esi Haizel: If I say I “like” your performance back there then am a very big liar, honestly I “loved” every single bit of action you took back there. If there is marks I could pass out then I will say you had 11/10.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Hahahahahahahaha don’t try to flatter me because this is what I was trained to do by my predecessors, this case is a tomatoes case for me.

Esi Haizel: Sir if you are able to bring my friend out of that smelling place, I will surprise you big time. You have lifted my spirit up with you professional display of your marvellous interpretation of the law. Am very convince that I came to right person who has proven to me beyond all reasonable doubt that you know your job just like your palms.

Someone came to the canteen to order food but told the lady selling that he was in a hurry but will come back later for the food .


As the young man left the canteen and dashed out to the charge office Lawyer Niibi Ayibontey dropped his glass filled with chilled beer down and told Esi Haizel to follow him back to the commander’s office because he was suspecting the guy who just left the canteen to be the officer they were waiting for.

Esi kept quite and followed the instrutions of her “uncle” but first she paid for the drinks they had consumed and rushed to join her lawyer as he had already taken a lead.

They got to the office on time and truth be told the guy Lawyer Ayibontey suspected to be the officer they were waiting for was indeed true, as soon as he entered the commander’s office the two expected guest also followed, Esi Haizel kept looking at her supposed uncle in awe, in her head she was falling for the man but she had to snap out of that stupid mix feeling and just behave professional with her advocate.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Corporal Kwaku-Duah why did you keep your suspect in the cell without taking her statement first before going anywhere?.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Sorry sir I received an emergency call this morning when I was preparing to come and take the lady’s statement, the caller called from the residents of the place the alleged crime took place.

Lawyer Ayibontey: (cuts in sharply) Nonsense, who told you a crime took place in that house, why am I sensing a conspiracy here, young man how much money were you paid to do this childish job which will render you jobless very soon. If you know my plans for you right now, you will plead with your boss to put your name on a transfer list.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: With all due respect sir, you can’t undermine me and my job, I perform my duties diligently and with utmost sincerity, I vowed to defend and protect every Ghanaian citizen even at the expense of my life so you can’t walk into my bosses office and start accusing me forcefully with allegations only know to you.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: My friend shut up there, if you knew your job very well you won’t have committed that unpardonable mistake and besides do you even know who you are talking or dealing with.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Young man are you trying to convince your assertions that you did the right thing by not taking the statement of the young lady first?

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Am not sir

Lawyer Ayibontey: You see you are a proverbial for nothing but sad news. Why are you blowing like a drunken hurricane in an uncontrollable ballistic ball of anger.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Am not getting you sir with this big grammar you are throwing in the air.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: So tell me what the call was all about and what did you gather when you visited the place as you left the police station?

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Sir as I stated earlier on the caller who called me said he has an information to give to help unravel this case.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: So what did you gather from him as you went to the crime scene.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: Sir the guy happens to be his cook and he said he heard noise from his boss as if he was pleading with someone but he was scared to comeout because it wasn’t the right time to be inside the house either to sleep or chat, he further said he didn’t see or hear anything again until he heard noises in the hall by some people whole trooped into the house.

Lawyer Ayibontey: Young man I can see you are on a procreative mission, a journey not only to delight with you head but also to have a financial factor, intimidate, instigate, castigate and then destroy the reputation of my niece. You are in for a real deal my brother, hmmmm am wondering the kind of punishment I will request for you when all this is over. I will so deal with you that by the time am done dealing with you, you will hate choosing this profession as your job, don’t take what am saying as a threat but rather a piece of advise, start searching for a new job because I promise you no government institution will ever employ your services ever again, infact I will destroy your career.

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Counsel please take your time and calm down, I can see this young man has really seen his mistake and by now is feeling remorseful within him right now.

Lawyer Ayibontey: If I may ask, commander who is the complainant and has that person also been here to write his or her statement?

Chief Supt Ansah Akoto: Corporal I believe you heard his question loud and clear.

Corporal Kwaku-Duah: No sir he has not been to the station yet to write his statement

You can’t i magine the tension in the commander’s office. Watch out for the next episode

To be continued

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