Clash Of Interest - episode 3



 Jack is an agent who worked for a secret organisation known as the G squad. He was one of the best agent the organisation has ever produced. The organisation was concerned with espionage and counter espionage. This organisation has its roots in most part of the world. And Jack being one of its early graduates, had to rise from obscurity to limelight, through dedication and hardwork.
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 Jack is a tall and muscular young man. With a bulging biceps and an athletic build. His handsomeness emanated mostly from his ever smiling expression.

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 Jack swung his volvo 244 car to a halt at the drive way of the G squad organisation. He climbed down and inserted his identity card, and the door automatically swung open and he ducked in, he saw five herculean looking body guards. As he entered they eyed him. One of them came forward with an automatic rifle and snapped his lighter. Jack mused a laughter and raised his index finger up. "as you can have a view yourself the weather is rainy and there is no sign of sunlight, wouldn't you like a cup of hot coffee". "yeah, i think i can make do with a cup of coffee but add it a little whisky." Jack said. The guard grinned and waved him on, and Jack bowed out. One had to go through all this procedures to show you are in the fold, so that you can be allowed an easy entry. But if you had failed to raise your fingers or say all those jargons about a cup of hot coffee that shows you are not in the fold and would have to undergo some rigorous scrutiny. He went directly to his fiancees office and inserted his identity card into the provided as the door trembled and opened as a computerized voice said " welcome agent Fury". Note: that is Jacks code name. "come in please if you are good looking" came the reply from Jane. He came in with a chuckle on his face "of course im good looking" he said and stared at her kingly.

She immediately ran to his embrace. "have missed you badly". She muttered still holding him tight. "i missed you too" he muttered. "you know it has been a while all this tro and fro from the land of hates, and all that" "yap, i got myself thinking on how one do put his life on the run for some selfish benefits of theirs"


To be continued

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